Most Anticipated Games of 2017

In a continuation of end-of-year posts I wanted to carry over from last year, I wanted to take a look at the games I most excited to try out for 2017.

Looking back at 2016, Total War: Warhammer definitely hit all the right notes for me.  One of the few games I bought right at release, I still haven’t completed all the original races’ campaigns to start the DLCs (but will definitely be doing so).  On the flipside, No Man’s Sky fell right into its own trap – the hype was too large, and the delivery was extremely poor.

For 2017, there are quite a few sequels that I am anticipating.  In no particular order, here are some of my most anticipated titles:

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy (TBA 2017)

Speculation has run wild when its come to Crash Bandicoot.  People have been clamoring for a new Crash Bandicoot, and not the Activision-styled ones either.  We want a new collectible adventure with everyone’s favorite Bandicoot.

Well, it appears Sony reads this blog and obviously understood the financial sense it made as laid out in my prior post here.  While I’m sure my post did a lot of convincing to top Sony exec’s, it only made sense that the Playstation brand revisit its rival to Mario.

While we won’t be getting a full-on new title in the now haphazard series, we are getting the three original, and consensus strongest, titles on PS4.  The developer is calling these “remastered plus” and not a “remake”, although that doesn’t exactly clear things up.

Crash PS4 Remake

Either way, I just hope this remake does well, as it appears to be a litmus test for Sony to pursue a new standalone title.  With all the other remakes abound, especially with calls for classic platformers, Crash has a great opportunity to build nostalgia, and gain some new fans.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild (TBA 2017)

Skyward Sword was the last true home console Zelda game, and that was way back on the original Wii (Tri Force Heroes and Link Between Worlds were both on handheld).  The hype is real for this title, which has had a shifty history.  Is it a WiiU title or a Switch title? Both? Is it a Twilight Princess situation?

The game looks unique, blending the cartoony/drawn style that contrasts with a lot of the grimdark styling of many of today’s RPGs.  Nintendo has stated that the game will utilize an open-world design, and allow for the dungeons to be completed in any order.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Archer Pose

The game has stirred a little controversy, as it was rumored to have been delayed and not accompanying the Switch’s launch.  While this has yet to be confirmed (as the Switch release date is not yet confirmed) it would be a bit of a bummer to have the Switch missing a killer lead title at launch.  Also, Link is now right handed.

Dawn of War 3 (TBA 2017)

While I may not have written much about it so far on this blog, I am a huge fan of RTS games.  I loved the original Dawn of War and, although less excited, still enjoyed some of the sequel.  Much like Total War: Warhammer, seeing Space Marines and Orks move from the tabletop to full 3D is always exciting for me as a Warhammer fan.

As I have detailed before, Games Workshop has been licensing anything and everything from the Warhammer IP to try to bring in some cash.  Luckily, there have been a lot of solid titles like Total War, Vermintide, and Space Marine.

Dawn of War III will return to the original base-building style of RTS, as seen in the original.  It also looks like the Blood Ravens chapter will be making a return to the series.

Dawn of War III Grey Knight

The one gripe I have with all these Warhammer games is the piecemeal distribution of the races.  DoW3 is only suppose to launch with Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar.  The original eventually added nearly every race to the game, but over the course of several expansions.  Hopefully they release the races in fairly quick succession as the Total War DLC schedule has produced.

Death Stranding

The last game I’ll include is perhaps the most mysterious.  Death Standing is the highly anticipated title from Hideo Kojima.  Death Stranding will be the first title from the icon post-Konami and the unresolved fallout and departure after Metal Gear Solid V.

What is this game about?  It’s anyone’s guess at this point, as each reveal trailer just adds to the confusion.  It looks like the game will be quite dark, perhaps taking some notes from the tossed-aside Silent Hills, but also appears to be set in the modern day.

Death Stranding Trailer Picture

How does this fit with the trailer above?

Kojima’s track record has been quite good, so I hope this title can deliver.  Sony has taken a risk to bring him in given his propensity to blow through budgets, but the Konami fallout built up a lot of goodwill for the next Kojima title.  We shall see.


What are you looking forward to?  What happened to Cuphead?  Comment below!

25 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Games of 2017

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  4. I think you are going to have a long wait for Death Stranding.

    For me, I’m most interested in Resident Evil 7 (already out), Halo Wars 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Zelda, Mass Effect, Outlast 2, and Mario.

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  6. I have not heard of these games. I remember reading your thoughts on the Crash Bandicoot series, so it is interesting that a new game has been developed. The “remaster plus not a remake” idea reminds me of Tomb Raider Anniversary, which used the plot and locations of the original games, but had the gameplay of the later games in the series. I am interested in the Legend of Zelda game. It seems like the developers are going to continue with the cartoony designs from Wind Waker (although they are less extreme in style than that game), rather than the gritty graphics from Twilight Princess. It is strange that they are allowing the dungeons to be completed in any order as there used to be a lot of control over which dungeons the player can enter at any time. Dawn of War seems imaginative. The Death Stranding game seems weird. I felt the Metal Gear Solid series was a slightly strange mix of gritty realism, fantastical technology and paranormal ideas. It seems the Death Stranding game is a game like Metal Gear Solid, without having to ground the story within an action thriller setting. Unfortunately, the marketing may be more interesting than the game itself.
    I was interested to find out you enjoy RTS games as they seem to be underrepresented among games blogs. What RTS games do you enjoy? What would you consider to be the most exciting game from the list?

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    • My favorite RTS games have to be Starcraft II and Age of Mythology. I’ve put a lot of hours into AoM and I’m sad the remaster fell short in a lot of ways. Also sad to see SC2 lose a lot of its luster.


        • No, actually they made an “Extended Edition” available through Steam awhile ago (I think a couple years) that is a complete redo of the game. Unfortunately they did not handle multiplayer well and it didn’t get a solid player base


  7. Good list!

    I’m very skeptical about Death Stranding. Kojima is self-indulgent at the best of times. Giving him unfettered freedom sounds like a massive punt to me. Hope I’m proved wrong though!


  8. I’m interested in a bunch of games from the Switch presentation, specifically Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I hope those last two make it to 2017. Otherwise, I’m also interested in some platformers like Crash and especially Yooka-Laylee!

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    • Yooka Laylee seems to be a popular response from a lot of people! I hope it does well, Ratchet & Clank showed that people will respond well to solid 3D platformers. Do you think you will buy a Switch in 2017 or wait awhile?


  9. What Mr. Kojima offers with this new IP ought to be very interesting. It’s been awhile since he was behind a major project that wasn’t Metal Gear, but with each installment, he offered different experiences, so I have high hopes for this project.

    I say I’m personally looking forward to Yooka-Laylee and Persona 5, the latter of which is the sequel to my favorite JRPG. Also, the new Zelda – that should be good too.

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    • Like I mentioned in another reply, I hope that Yooka-Laylee shows that there is room for success for a new 3D platformer, and can touch into the nostalgia of the people that played so many growing up. Also really looking forward to Persona 5, sad it got delayed but I have high hopes it will be a solid entry in the series.

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  10. Really not sure about that Crash remake trilogy based on the trailer they showed. It looks really clunky and awkward to play, and while the first game was a bit like that looking back, this somehow looks worse? Not to mention that graphically it looks a bit bland. Early days, I suppose, but first impressions for me aren’t great.

    Also, Breath of the Wild (and Switch) has a confirmed release date now – 3rd March! Although the Switch itself doesn’t look like a great investment at this point in time, with high prices for games and accessories, and a really poor launch lineup (Zelda excluded), so if you have a Wii U, it might be best to grab it for that instead for now.

    As for games I’m looking forward to, eagerly awaiting Yooka-Laylee after I backed it on Kickstarter, and it’s coming out right before my birthday, so that’ll be a nice treat when my backer code turns up in my inbox! Beyond that, Resident Evil 7, Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn are all on my radar right now as well.

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    • Yea I’m trying to temper my expectations a bit with Crash, especially with how it’s been treated since Warped. Yooka-Laylee looks solid and I’m hoping it can drive some interest in developers to give us some new 3D platformers (I feel like the nostalgia is there for a new game). Resident Evil 7 is one game I’m hoping brings VR a must play title, and Persona 5 has been a long time coming (but certainly has to be awesome right?)

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  11. I’m looking forward to a bunch of sequels/next entries like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda. As far as new IPs go, Horizon Zero Dawn can’t get here soon enough.

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  12. Zelda looks really promising, but unfortunately, I’m not going to play it soon. And was positevely surprised with first Crash Bandicoot Remaster gameplay, looks great and true to the original games. Finally, what can we say about Kojima’s new project? It’s great to see back in action and really happy, but I guess we’ll have to wait at least to 2018 to play it.

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