Review Scoring System

Video game review scoring has been a hotly contested subject.  For the sake of transparency, I want to provide the criteria I use for my own reviews.

This system was not designed to be the epitome of objectivity and correctness.  I use it as a general framework to help me find the nuances to discuss in a review.  Given the great breadth of games and genres/style, its impossible to find a “perfect” system.

Story/Narrative – 2 points

Story is important to some games, and others have none at all, like Rocket League.  In those cases, this point can be dumped into gameplay.

Gameplay – 4 points

Gameplay is the critical point for me.  If a game has weak gameplay, I do not personally believe it should receive a high score.

Additional Factors – 3 points

Additional factors include sound, graphics, replayability, multiplayer, mods, and other factors that do not fit neatly somewhere else.

Fun Factor – 1 point

Fun factor is my biased sliding scale of how much fun the game was to play.  Sometimes the game is fun despite its failings elsewhere.

10 points total