Pokemon Go: Complete

That’s right folks.  I’ve completed my goal in Pokemon Go: Getting all the Pokemon available in my region (so no, I don’t have the other regional exclusives).  That puts my Pokedex at a proud 142.

Completing the Pokedex

I started playing Pokemon Go on July 7th, making it just a tad over 2 months to finish the Pokedex.  Here are some other stats tracked via badges:

  • 395 km walked
  • 3122 Pokemon caught
  • 320 Pokemon evolved
  • 165 Eggs hatched
  • 4299 Pokestops visited

Team Mystic Symbol

I wish there was a stat tracker for time played.  I’d say when the game first came out I played at least an hour a day.  The first couple weekends I put in more time on weekends.  After the last nest migration I upped it a tad after having grown restless (and I was close to completion).

The Elusive Ones

The last elusive critter to be caught? Porygon.  I had tried many methods to try and locate him.  I asked others whenever the mentioned they had one.  Checked online for possible hotspot.  Most people got lucky with an egg (he hatches from 5K).


Not me.  Had never seen a Porygon, let alone on the nearby.  I assumed trading would be my last chance.  Fortune provided a Porygon on my route to work.  After two razz + ultra balls throws, I thought he was going to run.  Third times a charm.

It was also difficult to obtain Dratini, Grimer, and Abra.  Abra even moreso because of his propensity to flee, giving you one throw to catch him. Coupled with the need for 125 candies to evolve into Alakazam, he was a lot of work.

Abra Drawing

Kabuto and Omanyte were nonexistent, until BOTH became nests nearby to where I live.  Luck paid off there, along with a couple 10km eggs that boosted my candies.  Chansey, Hitmonchan, and Magmar (none of which I ever saw wild) were also gifts of 10km eggs.

Going Forward

Now that I have achieved the goal I set out to achieve, what is there left to accomplish?  I have done very little gym attacking and defending, so naturally that could become a focus.  However, the state of the game leaves a lot to be desired for those in the “endgame.”

As I have mentioned previously, Niantic has not done the best job in handling the behemoth of a hugely successfully spawn of the Pokemon franchise.  They may not have anticipated its runaway success, and not adequately planned.  They may also just be incapable with their size to effectively deliver encouraging improvement.

Buddy System Preview

At the time of this writing, Niantic is currently rolling out its newest update – the “buddy” system.  Having yet to utilize this new feature, I am positive about its effects in the game.  No more are you stuck trying to hunt down Grimers for Muk.  Simply buddy up and be rewarded for moving about.

While the idea from a gameplay and health perspective is good, the functioning of the system is flawed.  The distance tracking in the game, which has never been explained by the developer, does not count steps like most apps.  It calculates your position after 1 min from your last position, in a straight line.  It will not register speeds above a light jog.  It leads to increasingly frustrating results.

Pokemon Go Egg Hatch

These are the types of problems that continue to plague the game.  They shutdown third party IV checkers and assistants.  They then implemented the appraisal system.  It’s alright, but they don’t explain what they are doing or what the plans are.

And that there is the biggest problem.  Lack of communication.  I understand the game is suppose to be about adventure and mystery.  You can be forward with obtuse and hidden mechanics while preserving that.  Why do we need to guess at the optimal speed before it stops registering?

What I Am Looking Forward To

Despite my gripes and complaining about how “great it could be,” there are a couple of things I am excited for.  However, like everything else, there is no clarity about when (if ever) said features will be implemented.

First, I am excited about trading.  Originally I had resigned myself to have to trade for Porygon.  This leaves open a lot of questions: how will trading be done?  Will it be in person? Will it cost any resources?  Catching it myself avoided these questions.

Gameboy Link Cable

However, I am excited to get the other regional exclusives.  If you do need to be nearby to trade, then I guess I won’t likely be getting the other region’s Pokemon.

Second, I am excited for the second generation of Pokemon to be introduced.  I guess thats an easy follow seeing as how I focused on collecting in the first place.  Second gen was my favorite in the Pokemon series, so naturally I anticipate its release.


I have even begun to plan to stockpile candies in anticipation.  More Oddish, Horsea, and Zubat for Bellossom, Kingdra, and Crobat.

Again, these features seem like the natural progression of the game, but we have no idea if they are in the plans.  I hope they are before winter, and I hope they happen before the hype in my area dies.


Are you still playing any Pokemon Go?  Is the scene strong in your area? What features would bring back the fire?


15 thoughts on “Pokemon Go: Complete

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  2. Congrats on your achievement! I hope they increase the variety of Pokémon in an area and make the catch rate easier. I lost interest in the game because I could only get the low-level ones (eg Weedle) in my area, they would run off after like one try, or take 10 tries before getting caught.

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  3. Congrats on the achievement!

    I think just allowing people to battle one another would considerably make the experience more engaging for a longer period of time.

    As for playing it, I haven’t even started. My smartphone can’t run the game. Guess I will have to wait for Sun and Moon to get my Pokemon fix. =P

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  4. Congratulations on achieving your goal. When I played Pokémon Yellow, I focussed on completing the Pokedex, so I can understand how it feels to catch all the Pokémon. I also remember that Abra, in the original games, was difficult to catch because he constantly teleported away, so it is interesting that they kept this dynamic in Pokémon Go. It does seem strange that the game does not use a trading system, seeing as trading Pokémon seems to be encouraged in the original game (such as making Pokémon that can only evolve following trading). It is also odd that the game does not record time played as this statistic seems to be included in a lot of games.
    I was interested in the eggs, I have always wondered how Pokémon reproduce. How do Pokémon evolve in the game?

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  5. Wow, congratulations! What an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing your stories too. I’m still playing it, but I’m just below the 100 mark. Still have a ways to go, but I enjoy the thrill of the hunt!


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