State of the Blog: One Year Anniversary, Stats, Posts, and Updates

Wow, it now been just over a year since I officially started this blog.  I did not expect to be able to stick with it this long.  As I had done at the halfway point, I wanted to do a blog-focused post to reflect on my stats, and point out any interesting trends.

The one thing that continues to be awesome throughout the whole blogging experience is the community.  Reading through others awesome content is inspiring, and then to have them come here and discuss my own posts is really cool.  Thank you to all in the community, followers, commenters – you all are awesome.

Recently I have been unable to really engage much in the comment section, given real life, work etc.  I feel like that statement is the death knell of a blog, but I hope to continue strong for another year!

Overall Traffic Trends

April through Aug

Last time, my traffic was on a steady uptick through the initial months.  Granted, that was when I was just getting going so naturally the traffic would increase.  It’s held pretty level for awhile now after the ramp up.  I suppose that’s a good sign.

Notably here, in June I had a huge uptick, mostly for old posts such as Upcoming Theme Park Simulators and Upcoming VR posts.  My guess is that some of those games/technology was shown off at E3 in June, which led to higher search traffic.  Kinda an interesting cause-effect, especially for how small my blog is.  August was a little lower, although as mentioned, I had been way behind in posting/commenting.

Most Popular Post Stats

As of 9/4/16 here are my top all-time posts:

All Time Posts Sep 4, 2016

So, now you can take this list and know all the secrets to the most popular content.  Joking aside, the Rare N64 games post and the Theme Park post continue to duel for Greatest Post of All Time status.  I still find it a bit funny that the N64 post remains so popular, I wrote it early on and really hadn’t figured out a whole lot at the time.

My guide to the new Binding of Isaac has slowly become a mainstay that gets a handful of hits everyday.  Newer posts (at least since the last blog update) such as Game Series That Need a Remaster, as well as some Pokemon Go posts have made a decent splash.

Of note, personal reviews continue to be low traffic generators.  This makes sense because (1) I’ve typically reviewed older games and (2) Opinions are not as valued as guides or lists.  Maybe I’ll try for a review copy or buy and quickly complete a new game in the future to test this theory.

Top Referrers

Mario Playing Games

This list has not really changed since the last status update:

  1. Google
  2. Reddit
  3. Reader
  4. Facebook/Twitter

I suppose the biggest change is that Google/search engines overtook Reddit in referrals.  This is somewhat encouraging, as I like to think the search engines are more organic traffic, so I’m less reliant on Reddit love.

Better than that, I have also received some traffic from fellow bloggers, which is always awesome.  When I wrote a Liebster post, I got some new visitors and linked to some others in the community.  I have also been retweeted here and there.  Thanks for all the support!

Where Visitors are Coming From

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Germany

This list has not changed at all.  Again, as my posts are in English, it makes sense that the mainly English-speaking countries would be the biggest base.

Interesting Posts / Search Terms

With a bigger sample, I can now share some of the funny/amusing comments or search terms that have come across my WordPress Dashboard.  The great majority concern expensive N64 games and the permutations of those search terms (unsurprising).  I did try to set-up Google and Bing analytics, but it isn’t tracking well for me.  Anyone know what might cause the issue?

Thrall Golden Shaman

spells shamanism for summoninig zeus” – Hmm.  Well, I did do a really post on the Hearthstone deck Zeus Shaman, but nothing actually occult or religious.  Guy was probably sad to find spells from wizard poker instead of actual rituals.

“you’re really a good webmaster. The website loading speed is incredible. It seems that you’re doing any unique trick. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve done a excellent job on this topic!” – Thanks spambot, I appreciate the feedback!  Webmasters know this ONE TRICK to make bots hate them!


In sum, its been a full year with over 65 posts and counting.  I never really thought I’d be around this long.  While it has become a bit more difficult to generate some content (as my posts have caught up with many of my initial post ideas) it has become part of my routine.

I really want to get back to regular commenting and discovering some blogs.  Thanks again to everyone who continues to come back to join the discussion and puts out great content every week.


6 thoughts on “State of the Blog: One Year Anniversary, Stats, Posts, and Updates

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  3. Congratulations with the large traffic. I suppose one of the reasons the posts about expensive games get large amounts of views is because people are interested what the outcome is, whether the games are mainstream or obscure, and if they can get a lot of money for selling the games. I am a bit disappointed the review posts score so low, I find them interesting and like the variety of games. It seems the blog is becoming a popular place to find out information about upcoming developments in gaming. I also find it interesting that the United Kingdom came second, considering it is a smaller country than Canada and Australia. I also have some interesting search terms that lead to my posts.
    Good luck with the blog.


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