Battle Report: X-Wing 2.0 200 pt Imperial v Rebel

In recognition for the original battle report between these two rival foes, we decided with the release of X-Wing 2.0 that we would have a re-match.  You can find the original battle report here.

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Pregame Thoughts:

“The other day I had a lot of success flying in formation Bombers.  Now I’m intrigued to replicate that success with a larger number of ships.”


40) “Howlrunner”

(3) Swarm Tactics

Points 43


(32) “Mauler” Mithel

(3) Swarm Tactics

Points 35


(30) Gideon Hask

(3) Swarm Tactics

Points 33


(28) Valen Rudor

Points 28


(26) “Night Beast”

Points 26


(30) “Wampa”

Points 30


Pregame Thoughts:

“My list was created as a response to an imperial bomber list I got completely annihilated by in my last game against Nick. His bombers are able to acquire target locks at any distance and joust, but nothing in it has a great dial. Thinking through the ships I’m familiar with so far in 2nd Edition brought me to the E-Wing, which can also acquire target locks from any distance. It also has one of the best dials in the game, making it the obvious choice. However the E-wing is very expensive, and I wanted 3 ships, so instead of another E-Wing I took a U-Wing and a T-65 X-Wing. To pilot the E-Wing I chose Gavin Darklighter, in part because he’s a prominent character in the Rogue Squadron EU book series I’m reading, but mostly because he’s the cheapest named E-Wing Pilot. Red Leader Garven Dreis was chosen for the X-Wing, and Heff Tobber for the U-Wing, more on them later.

The idea was to build around Gavin’s E-Wing and make sure it can use it’s maneuverability to stay out of arc of the bombers and launch Proton Torpedoes. I gave the X-Wing Torpedoes as well so Dreis could add some firepower and use his ability pass a focus token to the younger Darklighter since they’re both initiative 4. I was hoping this synergy would help, since in 2.0 green tokens are tougher to come by. Both ships also have munitions failsafe, which I have learned is very useful when taking the 9-point-for-2-use Proton Torpedoes to give you some insurance against really bad rolls. They also both have R3 Astromech which I consider to be the only usable Astromech Droid right now.

The U-Wing pilot’s ability allows it to get bumped by an enemy ship, and then perform an action. This works well with Tactical officer, which changes the red Coordinate action to a black action. I also gave this ship Intimidation which makes ships at range 0 roll 1 fewer defense dice when attacked. As long as this ship remains unstressed, it can use it’s medium base to fly into traffic and make it easier for the other two ships to start doing serious damage by coordinating actions and taking green dice out of my opponent’s hand.

When I found out Nick was flying a Tie Swarm, which I’ve heard are very good in 2nd Edition, and not his bomber list from before I was pretty optimistic about my chances. I need to allow Nick the space to fly his Ties into each other and mess up his formation and I will be able to pick them off one at a time. Meanwhile I can fly the U-Wing right into the thick of it and coordinate each time one of the 6 fighters accidentally hits me. How could this go wrong?

Gavin Darklighter’s Ability has synergy with the X-Wing equipped with Outmaneuver, allowing the X-Wing to turn one hit to a crit if Gavin has the target in arc, turn another hit to a crit if the X-Wing is firing Proton Torpedoes, then have the defender roll one fewer evade dice if the defender doesn’t have the X-Wing in arc, and two fewer if the target is bumped against the E-Wing with Intimidation. With 4 red dice, target lock, focus, and the defender rolling 2 fewer defense dice, in theory this list was made to take out Tie Fighters.”


Heff Tobber — U-Wing 45

Intimidation       3

Tactical Officer  2

Ship Total: 50


Garven Dreis (X-Wing) — X-Wing             47

Outmaneuver   6

Proton Torpedoes           9

R3 Astromech    3

Munitions Failsafe           2

Ship Total: 67


Gavin Darklighter — E-Wing        68

Crack Shot           1

Proton Torpedoes           9

R3 Astromech    3

Munitions Failsafe           2

Ship Total: 83


X-Wing Nick v Charlie Setup

Turn 1

All ships simply advance forward, staying in steady formation.  No shots for now.

Turn 2

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 1

All ships simply advance forward, staying in steady formation.  No shots for now.

Turn 3

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 2

All ships simply advance forward, staying in steady formation.  Rebels take a slight turn in.  No shots for now.

Turn 4

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 3

The TIE block all K-turns back toward their own board edge.  The rebels complete there turn in to the middle of the board.  No shots fired.

Turn 5

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 4

The rebels curve in, taking multiple target locks against various TIEs.  The TIEs move in block formation forward, switching the ships in front and back.

Finally some shooting!  Rudor shoots at Gavin dealing no damage post-evade roll.  Mauler Mithel shoots at range 3 at Gavin without any damage.  Likewise with Howlrunner.

The Rebels return fire, beginning with Garven shooting proton torpedoes at Rudor and opts to use his munitions failsafe to recharge the torpedoes after a poor roll.  Gavin Darklighter fires his proton torpedoes at Rudor, dealing one critical (wounded pilot).  Finally Heff fires a primary attack on Rudor, dealing one damage and leaving one hull left on Rudor.

Turn 6

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 5

The U-Wing plows straight ahead and causes a mass bumping of the TIEs, with the E-Wing and X-Wing falling right beside.  The E-Wing fails to barrel rolls and the X-Wing took a focus, intending to share it with friends later.

Mauler Mithel, Howlrunner, and Night Beast shoot and fail to do damage.  Wampa, utilizing his ability, puts one damage on Gavin.  Rudor adds one damage to Gavin, and Rudor takes the final shield off the E-Wing.

The Rebels respond beginning with Garven, who fires at Rudor, blowing him up and passing his focus onto Gavin with his ability.  Gaven, with his new focus token, shoots at Wampa, dealing one damage with three hits and two evades.  Finally the U-Wing fires at Wampa with 4 attack dice, dealing one critical with the help of Gaven’s pilot ability.

Turn 7

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 6

With the chaos on the edge of the board, everyone on both sides just piles in and bumps each other.

Mauler Mithel, at range 1, lets loose 4 attack dice against Garven dealing one shield damage.  Howlrunner fires at Garven as well, dealing two more damage and dealing the first hull damage.  Night Beast continues the fusillage against Garven, dealing yet another damage.  Wampa adds yet another damage.  Gideon fails to adds one last damage and Garven falls.

The three Rebel ships return fire.  Garven’s dying attack killed Gideon in one last rebuttal.  The other ships fail to add any damage.

Turn 8

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 7

The TIEs begin to clear a bit, but the trailing TIEs bump into the front ones.  The U-Wing takes a hard left 2, but is still stressed.  Gavin bumps ahead.

Howlrunner shot one crit at Gavin.  Mauler Mithel fails to add any damage.  No Rebels are in arc.

Turn 9

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 8

The U-Wing continued to turn around, while two TIEs moved straight ahead, and Howlrunner and Mauler Mithel both turned into the E-Wing.

Night Beast fires at range 2, dealing no damage.  Mauler Mithel fires and deals one critical damage, dealing out two stress tokens.  Gavin returns fire at the TIE block, shooting Mauler Mithel, and dealt zero damage.  The U-Wing was out of arc, along with two TIES.

Turn 10

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 9

Two TIEs K-turn move to get shots.  Two other TIEs move out of arc toward the edge of the board.  The U-Wing pivots around, while the E-Wing speeds forward 4 to lose some stress.

Wampa and Howlrunner fire and deal no damage through the evades of Gavin.  The U-Wing also fails to add any damage.

Turn 11

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 10

The TIEs all one hard to turn toward the fleeing the E-Wing.  The U-Wing moves up and finally gets a focus.  The E-Wing moves right into range of a close range Wampa.

Wampa blasts the E-Wing out of the sky, while Night Beast adds one damage to the U-Wing.  The U-Wing fires all rolls three focus, leading to no damage.

Turn 12

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 11

Wampa runs away with one health.  Night Beast K-Turns behind the U-Wing.  The U-Wing surprisingly does a two bank towards the edge of the table.  Mauler Mithel flys away to clear stress.  Howlrunner moves two straight, also clearing stress.

Night Beast, the lone ship in arc, fires at the back of the U-Wing and does one damage.

Turn 13

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 12

Wampa K-Turns to get back to the battle, while the other TIEs at the other end also K-Turn toward the U-Wing.  The U-Wing, without much of a dial, 2-hards away from the board.

Howlrunner and Night Beast shoot the U-Wing from afar resulting in no damage.

Turn 14

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 13

Wampa finally moves back into range, while Night Beast moves and barrel rolls to the side of the U-Wing.  The U-Wing surprises the Imperial player with a clever wing closure that has it staying still but turning 90 degrees.  Howlrunner moved ahead then barrel rolled away from the range of the U-Wing.  Mauler Mithel continued to move away from the battle.

Night Beast fires at the U-Wing, which evades the one hit.  The U-Wing fires at range one at Night Beast and also fails to do damage.  Wampa fires from afar, dealing a cheap two hits.

Turn 15

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 14

Wampa one-hards inward, while taking a focus.  Night Beast K-Turns and stresses.  The U-Wing moves a slight 2 bank while target locking Howlrunner.  Howlrunner then promptly bumped into the U-Wing.

Night Beast and Wampa combine to shoot the side of the U-wing for 1 damage.  The U-Wing takes a pot shot at Mauler Mithel doing nothing.

Turn 16

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 15

The U-Wing manages to create a huge cluster, where two of the TIEs bump into it, while Mauler Mithel turns in for a straight shot on the U-Wing dealing two damage.

Turn 17

X-Wing Nick v Charlie Turn 16

The U-Wing stays put, thus putting all the TIEs out of range.  Mauler Mithel deals one lonesome damage, destroying the U-Wing, and finally putting Charlie out of his misery.

Result: Victory to the Imperials!


Post-game Thoughts:


“Somehow Wampa survived all of that.  The Swarm is very stressful to play, and I had low confidence.  In fairness, this battle didn’t come down to my skill.”


“Well, theory and practice are… different. I set up in the opposite corner from Nick and planned to move around to his flank, arriving just in time to watch him start flying his ships into each other. Everything was going fine until the U-Wing, which only needs to remain unstressed to be useful, flew into a debris cloud and gained stress. This was completely avoidable and was simply haphazard and careless flying by me. In the future I need to slow down and remember each ship’s priorities. Similarly, the E-Wing, the platform around which this list was built, never acquired a target lock at range 3+. Why? Because I forgot to in turn 1 as I was trying to get to the fun part of blasting Nick’s Ties to pieces. These two mistakes really set the tone for the game. Having made them I set myself up for failure early on and was never able to come back.

I only got off 2 Proton Torpedo shots, one of which I used the munitions failsafe to claw back after only rolling 1 hit (even with 4 red dice and a target lock). This was a result of poor positioning and planning by me of course. In the future it’s important for both ships firing Torpedoes to have Focus tokens in addition to target lock. Truly that shouldn’t be hard to do with the U-Wing’s Coordinate ability and Garven Dreis passing off a Focus token after using his. This game I just messed up by letting the U-Wing take stress (sigh…).

In spite of my poor play I like this list, I think it has a lot of potential to be fun to play, and is balanced enough to not annoy my opponents too much. One tweak I’m thinking of is using an unnamed E-Wing Pilot. Gavin’s Ability is good but it may not be worth 5 points. Really, I just wish Darklighter and Dreis could trade ships, since it would be better to have the E-Wing acquire a target lock outside range 3, then get into range and get a focus token, while the X-Wing acquired a lock, then the E-Wing could pass focus to the X-Wing instead of the other way around. Alas, next time I use this list I will have to think that token-passing through further in advance.”


4 thoughts on “Battle Report: X-Wing 2.0 200 pt Imperial v Rebel

  1. I saw this, and a similar Star Trek themed game at the local store. This looks far more meticulous, and involved than I anticipated. Not quite as nuts as Warhammer, but involved. There were tons of different miniatures, alternate mats, and stuff. It looks like it could be fun, but it also doesn’t look cheap.

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