Cuphead Review Compilation

After well-storied history of development, Cuphead is finally available to play on both Xbox and PC.

The game began to attract attention way back in 2010 due to its unique 1930s cartoon art style, which was individually animated in the traditional style (then sped up to 60 fps),

The visual style overlays a “run and gun” style of game, with multiple and various boss battles.  From early reviews and watching some Twitch streamers, the game looks fairly difficult in managing the bullets, upgrades, and platforming.  It’s gonna be HARD.

The game also allows for co-op, which is a nice addition and something I have increasingly looked for in new games.

Given that I’ve included this game in multiple posts leading up to its release (1, 2), I thought it only made sense to do a review compilation post for the game.  More importantly, I’d like to get some comments about how the game has gone for others (particularly for PC!).


The Reviews

Gamespot – 8/10

Cuphead has been a longtime coming, and it’s great to see that it lives up to its initial promises. It’s beautiful to look at, and with a pitch-perfect soundtrack, it flawlessly captures the era its developers so clearly revere. It’s also an intense action game that pulls no punches. It could benefit from a few tweaks, and two-player co-op doesn’t feel like the valuable addition you might imagine, but Cuphead remains a rare, unique game that truly stands out.

Polygon – 8.5/10

Cuphead’s deal with the devil eventually leads to hell, and so perhaps it’s fitting the conclusion should be so torturous. Though, honestly, even the residual headache has been soothed by the sweet, sweet salve of victory. When I think of my time with Cuphead, instead of frustration I’ll remember the dozens of tiny breakthroughs, when the impossible became possible, and a game that built an identity around difficulty helped me to feel, however briefly, undefeatable.

Destructoid – 9.5/10

Cuphead’s incredible style belies its magical complexity. It’s so much more than a hard-as-hell shoot-’em-up with artistic flair. It’s cerebral in a way that these kind of games rarely are. Cuphead’s commitment to forcing the player to understand is commendable. Those who don’t have the patience to learn won’t get far. That’s the kind of stand-your-ground moxie that makes this a hallmark of game design. My praise runneth over.


GamesRadar+ – 5/5 Stars

A potent cocktail of authentic 1930s aesthetics, jazzy tunes, ingenious boss designs, and gameplay founded on the fundamentals inherent to the best 2D shooters. Cuphead sure is swell.

Kotaku – Recommended

Cuphead feels a bit like a good magic trick. The experience is brief and so artistically impressive that it’s hard to believe it’s happening before your eyes. The game has one of the most memorable art styles in years and turns every moment into a picture-perfect display of cartoon merriment. But this is more than just an eye-catching game. Cuphead is all about the big fights and the feeling you get from winning them. It’s delightful and fun and worth the effort it’ll take to clear.

Yahoo! – 4/5 Stars

“Cuphead” is a love letter to not just the decades-old cartoons it apes, but also gaming’s classic boss battles that have fallen to the wayside, as well. It’s far from easy, but don’t let that spook you out of playing this wonderful work of art. You’ll need patience and a steady hand, but you’ll absolutely be able to win out in the end.



It looks like Cuphead will be another solid entry into the litany of great games released in 2017 (and we still have several big releases coming up!).  I am excited to get this going on PC and try it out.

Have you played Cuphead?  Has it lived up to the hype? Comment below!

12 thoughts on “Cuphead Review Compilation

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  2. I feel like it is important to mention that this game is a masterpiece of its niche-genre but still sticks to that genre. So you have to be able to enjoy it, to actually love the game as much as it is hyped. Imagine a racing game that would stand out above all the others. Would that mean you would enjoy it even if you hate racing? No, of course not. And in that regards Shoot em Up, Bossrush, Punishing difficulty and maybe a little bullethell can be found within cuphead. Unless you can atleast find some enjoyment of those genres, you won’t enjoy cuphead. Me? I suck ass at it, but i don’t mind those genres. So i truly enjoy Cuphead!

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  3. I finished it last night – after being excited for this for 2+ years, I loved it. Completely lived up to the hype for me. Aesthetically, gameplay, the whole package… I’m calling it as my favorite game of the year. I’m wrapping up an intricate write-up on the whole experience now… I couldn’t wait to do so!

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    • Wow, im glad to hear the high praise! It’s refreshing to see a game with a long history of hype actually deliver. I’ll definitely be checking out your post about it. How long would you say it takes for the basic playthrough?

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      • As long as you’re down with getting a little frustrated! I want to say it took me around 10-12 hours… a death counter clocked me in around 300 death/restart attempts. Granted, it may have taken me a little less time if I had not been so obsessive, often abandoning an attempt after getting hit just once, but a lot of time is devoted to learning and mastering battles. If you end up digging into it, please share – I’ll be curious to know your take!

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  4. I have not played this game, but this blog have made me very interested in it. I agree with the reviewers that praise the designs, they do resemble cartoons from the 1930’s and does seem very unique (it is hard to believe that the novel aesthetics are used in the playable game, rather than reserved for animated sequences). I also agree with the critic that pointed out the gameplay was also retro, some of game shown in the video used very familiar ideas from older games (such as choosing the platform that will not be attacked and being chased by a large enemy). It does seem very difficult though, with the bosses having many hazards.
    How do you feel about the game?

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    • I’m pretty excited to get to playing it (haven’t been able to sit down and do so myself yet though). I’ve kept an eye on it during its development so I’m glad to see it’s finding success


  5. I feel like I’ve been following this forever, and I’m so glad the reviews are positive across the board just about everywhere I’ve looked.

    This was an awesome overview, and I’m even more psyched to try this game now!

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