Thoughts on Nintendo’s September Direct

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This month we got a slew of news from Nintendo via the intermittent showcase known as Nintendo Direct.   These presentations cover whatever Nintendo wants them to cover, and give a sneak peek at the behind the scenes action from the iconic video game company.

This month, the Direct was announced at about 45 minutes, which had many people excited given all the buzz of the Switch and the unknowns of a whole bunch of anticipated titles.  Here is a recap of some of the news that most caught my fancy.

Another Look at Super Mario Odyssey

I don’t know about you, but the biggest Switch game on my radar right now is the newest 3D Mario, Super Mario Odyssey.  The game has generated a ton of a buzz online, and it seems the hype will continue right up until November.

Odyssey appears to go back to the more sandbox style of classic Mario titles like 64 and Sunshine.  The Direct showed off the various Kingdoms that Mario and Cappy will be traveling to, each with a distinct style not unlike the paintings we all jumped into back in the 90s.

We also got to see more use of Mr. Cappy, the hat-styled character that seems to have possessed Mario’s iconic hat.  Cappy allows Mario to possess and become the various enemies in the game, as well as add attacking and movement abilities.

I am personally super hyped for this title, and I have not recently been all that riled by the newest Mario titles.  Maybe its just the Switch momentum, but Odyssey looks like its hitting all the right notes and could be yet another system seller right at the holidays.

Octopath Traveler

I’ve mentioned this game in my previous blog posts, but we finally got a little closer look at what the game looks like.  In fact, the demo should now be available on the Switch.

Octopath Traveler Battle Scene

Perhaps I am easily pleased, but if you put a new SquareEnix handheld RPG with nostalgic graphics in front of me, I’m instantly interested.  This game hits the right gameplay notes from the limited portions I’ve seen, but more notably has an amazing art style that emulates a kind of Final Fantasy VI meets Paper Mario aesthetic.

Doom and Wolfenstein Coming to Switch

While not as exciting as brand new Nintendo IP, this announcement is more exciting for the implications.  DOOM is getting a release on Switch.  That’s right, an M-rated shooter is going to be released on the Switch later this year.

Doom Floating Demons

I reviewed Doom a couple months ago, and I really enjoyed the game.  I think it did a lot to reboot the franchise back into relevance.  I also reviewed its gory counterpart Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is getting a sequel — and its coming to Switch.

Wolfenstein Mechanical Dog

Both of these releases signal that Nintendo is bringing in some third-party support and further that they are including titles that haven’t traditionally been in the Nintendo system catalog.  Lastly, the Switch’s power gets a star for running these games in a handheld form.  All good signs.

Release Date Set for Skyrim

Much as the Doom announcement, Skyrim on the Switch is more of a testament to Nintendo’s effort to branch out where it has traditionally been criticized.

Skyrim had been previously announced for the Switch, so its not new, but now we know we can play handheld Skyrim on November 17.  HAND HELD SKYRIM.

Also of note, the game comes with all of the expansions.  While that should not be all that surprising since the game is about 6 years old, its nice that we avoided that slip-up.  HANDHELD SKYRIM.

Sports Releases on Switch

Finally, I harp on the third party point once again and mention that NBA 2K, WWE, and FIFA are all making their way to the Switch.

While I have not dabbled in many sports games for some time, getting these cross-platform titles adds to the Switch appeal.  I can recall having Madden for Wii, which was quite strange with the Wiimote.  Switch has more traditional controls, but the real story is the fact that the games are on the system at all.

Many people have Xbox or PS4 simply for the annual sports releases and the occasional shooter.  Nintendo can now begin to appeal to that crowd, at least a little more than trying to bring converts onto Call of Duty for WiiU.


The full direct can be seen below (the YouTube page has timestamps for each announcement):

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Nintendo’s September Direct

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  3. Glad to see Nintendo stepping up their game.
    As a lifelong Nintendophile I was looking forward to the
    SNES Mini & eventually the Switch, but unfortunately
    the demand for the SNES vs supply has turned me off
    quite a bit. Supply & demand is a basic aspect of business.

    If you know their is a high demand for a product you go into
    production to satisfy demand. Why push 10 products that
    people are not as interested in when you have a product
    with MAJOR demand? Supply shortages leave a bad taste
    in consumers mouths & actually damage the brand value.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These seem like some interesting games. I like that Super Mario Odyssey is going to resemble Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, I enjoyed the 3D gameplay, objective-based gameplay and the ability to explore levels of these games. Some of the visuals (such as the dinosaur) look very detailed and different to the cartoonlike designs of other Super Mario games. Some of the gameplay also looks different and interesting (like the Donkey Kong game). Octopath Traveller also looks interesting. It uses an interesting mix of 3D backgrounds and 2D characters and has a dark colour scheme. It is a little strange to have adult games like Doom and Wolfenstein on the Nintendo Switch, but some of the older consoles also had horror games (such as Turok on the Nintendo 64 and Sanity’s Requiem on the Gamecube).
    What are the different Kingdoms in the Super Mario Odyssey game? Are they like the levels in the older 3D games? Where the player has to complete different challenges in each Kingdom to retrieve collectibles? How is Octopath Traveller played? Will the Wolfenstein and Doom games be the same as on other consoles? Or will Nintendo edit them to fit with the more family-friendly reputation of the company?


  5. Odyssey and Octopath are on my radar, and maybe Skyrim (although I bought the SE rerelease last year on XB1 and never played it so… maybe not as well). Unfortunately I just can’t get excited for Doom or Wolfenstein. I played Doom already and while I’d like to see how well id can get the game to run on the Switch, I can’t see myself paying to do so. And with Wolfenstein, if I want to play it (and I’m not sure I do), I’ll probably get it on XB1 or PS4 either at launch to be part of the conversation or at a discount early in 2018, which will surely be cheaper than the Switch version. The delay in release really hurts it in my eyes but I can see it being a nice bone for Switch only players.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea I think I’d personally go with Wolfenstein on PC where I generally prefer to play shooters. I think it’s a positive that Switch is building the relationship with id, now they just need to get everything else in place


  6. Super Mario Odyssey is definitely a game I’ve got my eye on as well. Breath of the Wild successfully made Zelda an open-world experience, so I am looking forward to see what the Mario franchise does with the style.

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