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Having just completed the massive Witcher 3, I decided I wanted to tackle something completely different: the reboot of Doom released last year.  I had originally purchased the game for PS4 during a sale at Gamestop awhile back.

In comparison to the massive open world and meticulous hand-to-hand combat of Witcher, Doom was a lot of something different – a first person shooter covered in gore and speed, with little emphasis on narrative.

And that’s not to speak ill of the game – I’m currently loving it.  It’s been awhile since I played a first person shooter on console, and it’s refreshing to step back in.  It also helps that the newest Doom entry is solid all-around.

Doom Enemy

The game has opened with little to no explanation as to what exactly is going on.  I have surmised that I (the player character) possess some insane bloodlust and gun wielding abilities, and so naturally I’ve been exploited by some kind of corporate overlord to rescue what has gotten out of hand.

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve touched anything Doom related.  My memories are that the game goes fairly fast, tons of guns are readily available, and even more gore-splattering demons need to be vanquished.  It’s this pretty simple premise that is the draw here – just get in and start shooting and blowing up everything to progress.

Doom Cover

Doom also has its reputation for a variety of secrets.  So far that’s been the case, as not only are there the boilerplate achievements for PS4, but there are tons of hidden items and hidden minigames scattered throughout each level.

Further, character progression is partially tied to this semi-exploration aspect.  While you can gain currency to upgrade your weapons and suit via simple destruction, you also have side objectives that reward you with the same.

Doom Entrance to Hell

The guns so far have also been fairly satisfying.  I’ve leaned heavily on the shotguns, but have also made use of the pistol due to me need to hoard ammo “just in case.”  Enemies feel less like bullet sponges and more like exploding demons, and it’s always fun to blast a big demon and run through the resulting ooze of gore.

The levels are straightforward for most part, blasting things from room to room, collecting the odd colored set of keys to access the next area.  Some areas go into “lock down” and you have to clear waves of enemies before progressing.  While not hugely exciting, it’s the simplicity and straightforward gameplay that I’ve actually quite enjoyed.

Now, the graphics have not stood out to me so far, but that may be a symptom of having gone from Witcher 3 on PC with ultra settings to Doom on console.  The graphics are certainly not bad, although some of the environments are not particularly lush with color (but how lush should Mars or Hell be anyway?).

Doom Floating Demons

The music has been right in line with the gameplay: brutal and fast.  However, I do have a minor qualm with the volume of the soundtrack, as I’d prefer to blast the metal and industrial beats louder than the settings have allowed.  Perhaps it’s my TV.

In sum, so far so good.  I’m looking forward to getting to some of the bosses, and also getting the full cache of weapons.  While the narrative is almost completely lost on me at this point, I’m not bothered in the least.  It’s been cathartic to come home at night and then just blast demons while listening to metal, and Doom provides just that.

18 thoughts on “Currently Playing: Doom (2016)

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  2. There’s something oddly satisfying to me about the way the Doom, one of the longest running IPs, has stayed fairly consistent with every game. They’ve made updates as the medium progresses, sure, but they always hold to the model they built with the original one, back when games were still in their infancy. They knew what formula made the original games work, and they’ve stuck with that since.

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  3. I have not played this game and the only Doom game I have played is the original one. I agree with the statement about playing a different game to one I have just played. Sometimes, while progressing through a game which requires concentration to follow an in-depth story, gameplay that needs skill and challenging puzzles, I will play a few levels of a much simpler game, which allows me to choose a level and uses an easy, while enjoyable, gameplay. I thought the graphics look good on the pictures, the stone structures look menacing with the contrasting sky.
    What is the story for the game? What secrets are hidden in the game? Does the gameplay change from shooting enemies?

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    • The story is difficult to follow but the basic premise is that you are some super soldier/chosen one that must end an incursion of demons from hell brought on by renegade science. There are lots of secrets from collectibles to mini games. The gameplay is mostly shooting but also a bit of exploring and very light platforming.


    • I’ve gotten through a couple bosses now and they are a bit annoying and bring into play the whole bullet sponge problem (at least for me). I’m hoping the final boss doesn’t fall into this trap.


  4. They did a phenomenal job with the reboot! Absolutely loved this game. Searching for secrets is super cool and rewarding. Lots of clever hidden places in the world.

    Not finished with it yet, I normally play it for only an hour or so because it gets overwhelming FAST for me, but overall it’s a great way to blow off some steam!

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