Final Fantasy XV Review Compilation

Final Fantasy XV BattleAfter all this time, Final Fantasy XIII Versus.. err… I mean Final Fantasy XV has arrived.  As is tradition, here is the mega review thread of some notable outlets and how they feel about the first single player Final Fantasy in awhile.

Destructoid –  9 / 10

As I’m typing this up now, I’m seeing a future where people buy Final Fantasy XV due to some of the more positive assessments (like this one), and walk away disappointed. Because if you loathe JRPGs, XV is not going to make you a believer. In a way it’s silly that Square spent 10 years making this, and it feels like a really shiny version of something it would have actually made 10 years ago. While a complete overhaul of the genre would certainly suit someone’s needs, XV suits mine just fine.

Eurogamer –  3 / 5

Final Fantasy 15 rediscovers the series’ epic scale and love of intimate moments, but its scrappiness can sully the bigger picture.

Game Informer –  8.5 / 10

Final Fantasy XV struggles mightily with open-world navigation, but succeeds in storytelling, combat, and in empowering the player. Even fishing is good fun

GameSpot –  8 / 10

Final Fantasy XV’s world is filled with natural splendor and harrowing dungeons that far outlive the shallow story about a prince and his cliched bodyguards.

GamesRadar+4.5 / 5 stars

Even when it stumbles, Final Fantasy 15’s ambitious open-world, fast-paced combat, and the humanity of its four leads make it a fascinating adventure to behold.

IGN –  8.2 / 10

When I’m riding chocobos across the beach at dusk with my three friends and hunting iconic Final Fantasy monsters in a huge, picturesque open world, Final Fantasy XV feels like nearly everything I could want from a modern Final Fantasy. But when it funnels me into linear scenarios and drab, constricted spaces that plunge the simplistic combat into chaos, my blood boils a bit. There is so much good here, so much heart – especially in the relationships between Noctis and his sworn brothers. It just comes with some changes and compromises that were, at times, difficult for this long-time Final Fantasy fan to come to grips with.

Final Fantasy XV City

Polygon –  9 / 10

Final Fantasy 15’s big heart and ambition easily outshine its flaws

USgamer –  4 / 5

I was really skeptical that Final Fantasy XV could ever be successful; but despite some real flaws, it ultimately won me over. I warmed to the characters over the course of many camping trips, found more than I was expecting in the open world, and even enjoyed the bombastic setpieces. I have no doubt that it will be harshly criticized in some circles, but it also has some real merit. Stick with it even if you find yourself rolling your eyes at the opening hours: You may be surprised by how much you end up enjoying yourself.

Xbox Achievements –  90%

As an RPG, Final Fantasy XV has everything you’d expect: a compelling, emotional story; a tapestry of complimentary mechanics; a significant lifespan; a cast of relatable and well-written characters and a world that’s dense enough to be a character in and of itself. As a Final Fantasy game, it lives up to all the tropes, despite the variations it’s taken from the more ‘classic’ games. Final Fantasy XV is a title that’s aimed super high, and although maybe it hasn’t quite hit the targets it set for itself, it certainly doesn’t disappoint, and is a strong enough RPG experience to stand aside The Witcher as one of the best open-world role-playing games of this generation.


It’s got everything I want from a Final Fantasy game. I know that it’ll be yet another snapshot in a life filled with Final Fantasy. Another grand adventure, another gang of worthy heroes; another tale of crystals and magic and betrayal and love, all beautiful melodies and lush scenery and the finely honed complexity of carefully choreographed combat. Onward to secrets beyond the horizon, and don’t forget the Phoenix Down. If that’s not Final Fantasy, I don’t know what is.

GamingBolt –  9 / 10

Final Fantasy 15 makes a case for being one of the best, most progressive Final Fantasy games ever released, and a hell of a return to form for the franchise.

VideoGamer –  8 / 10

Final Fantasy XV is about adventure and excitement. There are oddities, and it’s not the FF you’re used to, but it’s a good time with some good boys, and has an unexpected emotional resonance to it. Sometimes it seems like it shouldn’t work, but it does.

Daily Dot – Miguel Concepcion – 4 / 5 stars (PS4)

Final Fantasy XV overcomes its narrative lows with gameplay highs that consume the player’s time with engrossing optional quests and frenetic battles. As a whole, it does not represent the best in the series, but it delivers just enough to deserve a place in the mainline series, which is an achievement for a game that originated as a Final Fantasy XIII spin-off.

Time4.5 / 5

Something wonderful and improbable must have happened towards the end of the topsy-turvy decade it’s taken Square Enix to finally produce a Final Fantasy worth crowing about. Thank director Hajime Tabata for somehow righting the ship. How he did so could presumably fill a book. How many games get 10 years to simmer? Change captains mid-journey? Have lord knows how many investment dollars (to say nothing of franchise esteem) on the line? And how often does vaporware materialize, after years of elliptical studio messaging, this lively and focused and fully realized?

Final Fantasy XV Beast

It looks like Final Fantasy XV is receiving strong initial reviews.  As if I wasn’t already hyped…has anyone begun to dig in yet? Have the managed to create the next iconic FF game? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Review Compilation

  1. I do not have much experience of games from this series, but I used to know someone who followed it closely. I remember they used to enjoy the science-fiction aspects and the overall story of the series. They also highly praised the graphics. I am happy to see that this game seems to develop these aspects. I am also interested that the locations are well-designed and are nice to look at and explore.

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  2. Yay! I was hoping you’d post one of these for FFXV. 🙂 After 10 long years, I can’t believe it’s finally here! That being said, XVII will probably be out by the time I get to play this game, lol

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