Upcoming Release Schedule for 2016

Final Fantasy XV Battle

It’s that time of year, the time before the holidays when all the big releases tend to fall.  I’ve compiled a list of some of the bigger titles we will be seeing before the end of the year, as well as some thoughts.

I’ve only included some select releases for PS4, PC, and 3DS because I don’t really play Xbox One and the WiiU is…not long for this world.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Nov 4)

Call of Duty Logo

I haven’t been hyped for a Call of Duty in awhile, and this one certainly doesn’t get there.  The future warfare theme has been done to death, much like the World War 2 shooters before it.  With Battlefield exploring WWI, and the new Titanfall generating hype, this one just doesn’t being me in.

Root Letter (Nov 10)

I don’t know a whole lot about this game, other than I will be getting it on Vita to find out.  It just released, so hopefully there are some good reviews to accompany it.  With the success of Steins;Gate, hopefully we will be getting some quality visual novels in other regions.

Dishonored 2 (Nov 11)

Dishonored 2 Character Screenshot

While I still have yet to actually complete the first, it was a decent hit.  Bethesda has come under scrutiny recently for its stance on reviews, where it does not want to give out review copies until the last second.

Gran Turismo Sport (Nov 15)

Gran Turismo Sport Screenshot

I have played each of the Gran Turismo’s, with the exception of the last one.  These games did a lot right throughout their history, but need to up their game with Forza hot on their heels.  This will hopefully showoff some graphical prowess.  While we can count on the most cutting edge of graphics, I wonder if Pro owners won’t be the main target for this title, given its boosted hardware.

Final Fantasy XV (Nov 29)

Who isn’t hyped for this game?  We’ve had to wait an awful long while for a true new entry in the Final Fantasy bloodline.  Yes, we had the FF13 trilogy, but I’m talking about a fresh new experience (FF14 was an MMO).  The hype behind this game will grow to epic proportions, and there are high expectations per usual.  I will be waiting for some reviews to roll in before making a purchase, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far.

Steins;Gate 0 (Nov 29)

Steins;Gate 0 Art

Having just recently finished Steins;Gate, I am personally hyped on the release of this one.  I have avoided looking too deeply into what the story will consist of in this game, hoping to avoid any spoilers.  Given its solid predecessor, this one should be good.  Maybe I will need to rewatch the first series to remember the “true” ending.

The Last Guardian (Dec 6)

Last but not least is the game no one thought would actually come around.  The Last Guardian was originally started in 2007(!) and will finally be home on the PS4.  Given the ridiculous development hell this thing has been through, its likely it could be a flop (see: Duke Nukem).  But Team Ico has had a great track record, so lets hope they hit another home run.


Football Manager 2017 (Nov 4)

Football Manager 2017

I had never dabbled in Football Manager despite its rampant popularity on Steam.  I tried Front Office Football, which is an American football simulation, but it lacked a certain polish.  I then gave the Football Manager demo a try and could tell its evolved and incorporated an extraordinary amount of elements through its history.  Looking forward to jumping in on the newest iteration.

Dead Rising 4 (Dec 6)

Dead Rising 4 Selfie

I’ve always thought the Dead Rising series was a little underrated.  The first two games were very unique and some of the first in the wave of zombie games that litter all systems today.  The interesting weapon combos, gore, and choices made each playthrough interesting.  While the third didn’t come off as strong, perhaps 4 will surprise again.


Pokemon Sun and Moon (Nov 18)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Boxart

 With the runaway success of Pokemon GO, Pokemon has now been brought back into the public consciousness (not that it ever really left).  Sun and Moon have become the best preorders for Nintendo ever, and add a new flair of alternate forms of popular Pokemon.  Will this be the last Pokemon on 3DS? Will we see the next iteration on the big screen thanks to the Switch?

Super Mario Maker (Dec 2)

Super Mario Maker 3DS

 This one actually looks like a bit of a disappointment so far.  Without the robust multiplayer functions of its WiiU big brother, this could be a diluted version that fails to find the same traction.  Hyrule Warriors had some performance issues, but hopefully these WiiU/3DS cross titles a small idea of what the Switch will someday be.

What titles are you excited for?  How will you manage getting through all the big games at the same time? Comment below.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Release Schedule for 2016

  1. These seem like some interesting games. The Call of Duty game reminds me of Command and Conquer, where a sequel switched the modern day setting for an apocalyptic future. It is interesting that the visual novel idea is developing and hopefully Steins;Gate 0 should hopefully explain some of the previous game. I would have thought the Super Mario Maker would be quite suitable for a portable console, considering some side-scrolling Mario adventures were released on that sort of console and are ideal for spending a few minutes, without becoming too engrossed in a game.
    Why are the new Pokémon games called Sun and Moon? Will the games be affected by the day and night?


  2. Looks like I won’t be lacking visual novels to read. I have downloaded Root and Psycho Pass and will get Steins;Gate when it comes out. Not sure when I will have time to read them though. At the moment I am playing World of Final Fantasy.

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    • I actually had no qualms with the game itself, I was more referring to how the first Dead Rising sold better worldwide (about 500k more). It would be interesting to explore why it didn’t sell more copies as both titles were Xbox exclusives

      Liked by 1 person

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