PlayStation VR Review Compilation and Release Information

The last big product in the wave of virtual reality headsets is set to release tomorrow, October 13.  With the impending release, here is a list of review websites that have already got their hands on one.

Playstation has made the effort to get as many people on board as possible by keeping the price low (relative to other head sets – $399) and not requiring a high powered PC to get the full experience.PSVR

The guys at Giant Bomb did an extensive YouTube live stream last week that gave a good look at the types of games available and how it all works.  Check it out here.

In addition, if you want to try it out yourself before laying down the cash, both GameStop and BestBuy are setting up demo kiosks for you to try.  Find a location near you here.

PSVR WIth Move Sticks


If you want game console virtual reality right now, the PlayStation VR is your only choice. And it’s a pretty great one.


Good on Sony for actually delivering a decent VR headset that comes in much cheaper than the competition. It’s even more impressive that it managed to get a decent amount of developers onboard for the initial push. Nonetheless, the PS VR is hard to recommend for most people. Even if you’re intrigued by virtual reality, it’s worth waiting for prices to go down and for the overall market to settle.


In terms of recommending a purchase, what’s clear is that Sony has managed to overcome most of the principal hurdles, and has handed in a mainstream VR platform for console money that is highly compelling and as much I enjoyed my time with it, there are three significant arguments against investing in it right now, as I see it. First of all, extended gameplay sessions in VR could ultimately prove unsettling on your wellbeing. As relatively inexpensive as it is, will you get the same return from PSVR as a conventional console platform if you’re fundamentally limited by the time you can spend using it? And secondly there’s the fact that the same financial outlay next month buys you PlayStation 4 Pro. For Sony to release two major pieces of gaming hardware in consecutive months just seems too close.

Game Informer

PlayStation VR falls under the same argument that has plagued the ongoing war of PC gaming versus console gaming for years. By the technical standards, Oculus and Vive on PC are stronger showcases for VR. However, PlayStation VR is cheaper and does offer a legitimate virtual-reality experience that is more comfortable and easier to use than its competitors. For the console-exclusive gamers looking to enter the realm of virtual reality, PlayStation VR gets the job done. You can enter virtual worlds, get a sense that you’re really there, and have new interactive gaming experiences unlike anything you’ve seen before on consoles. You just might have a little bit of a headache as a result.


In the end, your purchasing decision should come down to whether you think you fit the bill of being an early adopter. Not everyone can justify spending hundreds on a peripheral, especially one that’s still in the experimental phases of delivering state-of-the-art entertainment. But if you’ve got the money to spare, and want to share in the excitement of VR’s infinite possibilities, then PlayStation VR feels like the most sensible choice.


If you want to experience a VR world beyond what mobile offerings like Google Cardboard and Gear VR provide, then save up your pennies. This is the VR system for people looking to take the next step into a virtual world.


Should you run out and buy one? That depends. The technology is astonishing but still in its infancy, and VR games that rival current console blockbusters are a long way off, so it won’t be as immediately useful as you might expect for a $400 to $500 price. However, it’s a lot of fun to be on the forefront of something as exciting as VR. Some of the best times I’ve had with my VR headsets are from wowing people who come over and try it for the first time, and that never gets old.


PlayStation VR is inferior to the competition in several significant ways. It’s also less expensive and easier to use, and for all its flaws it still manages to communicate the goofy, surreal joy of modern virtual reality. Time will tell if that makes it good enough. Best to wait and see.

PlayStation Universe

PlayStation VR does have its teething problems, but they are, for the most part, quickly overcome thanks to this being a highly accessible and consumer-friendly VR unit. Whether that will be enough to see it thrive remains a relative unknown, but a consistently-growing library of specifically tailored games and experiences will go a long way to gaining a significant foothold.

Push Square

Yes, there can be criticisms levelled at the resolution of the screen – an issue which the more expensive masks on the market also share to a lesser extent – and the sheer number of cables and items required to get the experience running correctly can be headache-inducing. But once you’ve got it all hooked up – and the noisy Processor Unit placed out of the way – the rewards are unquestionable; the ability to be somewhere else, to be someone else a gigantic stride forward in this industry’s capacity to provide true escapism.

The Verge

At the same time, holding out for total perfection is the wrong move. I don’t want PlayStation VR to become the only headset that people build for; it’s just not ambitious enough. But even this early in the game, Sony is providing a home for interesting, low-key experiences that highlight some of the medium’s strengths. More than any single piece of cutting-edge technology, the key to making VR succeed is just getting more people to use VR. And with PlayStation VR, Sony has just made that a lot easier

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