Bi-Weekly Roundup: NX release; PS2 to Your PS4; Free Games

Nintendo NX release date? (article says yes; article says no)

Nintendo Logo

We’ve known about the upcoming Nintendo NX for awhile now, but this recent rumor seems to hint that the device, which still has pretty much every detail undisclosed at this point, entering production early next year.  This rumor is based on supplier and manufacturers estimating the amount of units Nintendo is expecting to ship.

There are several flaws, at outlined in the linked “no” article.  First, Nintendo has remained completely silent on what the NX actually is.  It is a WiiU replacement, but beyond that it could be almost anything.  Second, it was only announced this summer, and to turn around and mass produce this new product without any buildup or detail hype seems unusual.  Third, the NX would overlap with large WiiU releases for next year, namely Star Fox and Zelda.  All signs seem to point toward this rumor as only that – a rumor.

PS2 Coming to PS4, But How? (article)

Ape Escape Apes

Rumors had been swirling for months, but then Sony basically confirmed that it was working on PS2 emulation on the PS4.  This makes sense given Microsoft bringing backwards compatibility to the One with select titles from the 360 library, with more to be added.  Further, Sony had already released three PS2-era Star Wars games on the new Star Wars bundle.

So, what does it all mean?  The details are all hazy currently, other than the capability exists.  While it appears unlikely that players will be able to use their PS2 discs, it could possibly mimic the Xbox where the disc activates a digital copy.  In the alternative, Sony could milk the PS4 base by opening up a PS2 online store and forcing everyone to repurchase their collections.  If the latter is the route taken, I really hope they keep the prices manageable and release a large library of the strongest PS2 titles.  The games will have upscaled resolution, so they will have a little bit of new shine, along with possible trophy support.

It looks like the details are likely to be revealed at Playstation Experience this weekend.

PS Plus and Xbox Gold Free Games Released (article 1; article 2)

PS Plus v Games with Gold

It’s the start of a new month, and the new free games for the respective online services will start rolling out.  Here is a list of the titles for December (along with their Metacritic score):



Freedom Wars sticks out to me on the PS side – I’ve wanted to finally get around to playing it, and missed the $4.99 Black Friday sale at Gamestop.  Monster Hunter involving robots? Sounds fun.  On the Xbox side, I’d be interested in Thief.  Though the game was met with criticism for its lack of stealth and creativity, it still warrants a look for the great price of free.

6 thoughts on “Bi-Weekly Roundup: NX release; PS2 to Your PS4; Free Games

  1. Great post! I actually sold my WiiU because of the lack of 3rd party games but regret it because I miss all the Nintendo exclusives. Usually, Nintendo does a good job with with not screwing over its customer base I wouldn’t be surprised to see them keep producing content for the system for years to come.

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  2. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the new Zelda game released on the NX and the Wii U at the same time. Kind of like Twilight Princess did for the GameCube and Wii.

    I can definitely see Sony going the
    milk the money” route. I’m glad I still have my old PS2.

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      • That is always a possibility when playing older games you originally missed. I hear that weapons can break in Dark Cloud, which would annoy me, although if the price is right I’m okay with giving the game a chance.


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