State of the Blog Update: First Changes and Feedback

So I’ve had this blog going for about 2 months and I’ve learned a lot. Going forward I want to outline some ideas and changes I hope to implement. Most importantly, I’d like to get feedback from the great followers I’ve met!

Expound Theme

Good or Bad?

First off, I am planning on changing the template of the blog. I’ve been using the Gateway theme, as I like that it utilizes my header image without crazy cropping required, and that each post gets an image with an excerpt (and free doesn’t hurt!). The plan is to move to the Expound theme, which has more of a “magazine” styled feel. I like that it shows more posts and has several “tiers” of how the articles are listed, which adds a tad of variety. However, in experimenting with it, the header image crops and then it gets magnified/blown up and doesn’t display the image. If anyone knows what I need to be doing to fix that, let me know in the comments.

Second, I have been brewing up some blog post series ideas. As inspired by GamesThatIPlay’s blog (which you should definitely check out), I want to incorporate more reviews, and also chew through a bit of the backlog. I have quite a few games that I received in bundles and would not otherwise play. To utilize this cache of misfit games, I want to do a series where I just play a quick hour or two of a backlogged Steam game, and give a quick impression as to whether it merits further play. My other idea is to discuss some controversial (ie censored/extreme) games and how they ultimately fared. Hopefully folks find these topics interesting and worth a read.

Community ChattingThird, I have been really happy with the small community that has found its way to my blog. It’s really encouraging to see you guys commenting and reading through my posts. Likewise, I really enjoy looking through Reader at everyone’s great and interesting posts. My goal is to continue to grow the community and foster interactivity. I don’t know too much about how to grow an audience, although I know I should utilize tags more (what’s the best method?), have consistent and interesting content, and also give the social media aspect its due. This last portion I have somewhat neglected, but I think I’ve fixed my Facebook page, and will try to use Twitter more often. Check out my new Facebook page here and my Twitter here (and please give feedback!). I want to try to post extra articles each month if possible to help beef out my categories with more content. Any feedback or tips on how to continue to grow the blog is greatly appreciated. I have been impressed with how you guys have managed your own blogs!

In sum, that’s the state of the blog and where I plan on taking it. Ultimately, I want to move to a self-hosted blog when I can make it happen. The key to molding these ideas will certainly be reader feedback. What has worked for you and your blog? Do you have tips I should utilize? What do you like or dislike about Particlebit? Is there a particularly interesting content area you’d like to see more of? How much do you utilize social media? Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “State of the Blog Update: First Changes and Feedback

  1. I like the direction you’re going with the blog dude! Sounds like some good changes and additions and like you said utilizing Facebook and Twitter will definitely be beneficial in getting more people involved. I look forward to seeing more diverse stuff from ya.


  2. I like where you are going with these changes sir! 🙂

    Personally I might be starting a new thing on my blog where I review the STORY of a game, since I play a metric TON of video games on top of reading haha.

    And yea you need to add tags to your posts. Doing so lets people who browse the tags see your stuff.


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