Rolling Review Update: Dragon Age: Inquisition and Persona 4 Golden

With the launch of this blog, I have made an effort to try and play multiple games simultaneously.  While you may be thinking, “Yea, I do that all the time,” this is something I have failed to carry out previously.  When I start two longer games, I usually really get into one to the neglect of the other, which will then fall out of rotation once something flashier comes along.  Recently I have been playing both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Persona 4 Golden side-by-side, and I am having a great time with both games. (All the pictures are actual screenshots from my playthroughs of both games)Dragon Age Horse

Both games are very different from one another, and I think that helps prevent burnout.  Typically I play DA:I when I have a longer time break to sink into it.  Persona 4, being on Vita, has really been easy to play while laying in bed to unwind before going to sleep.  The suspend feature on the Vita makes it even easier.  It also helps that both games have, so far, been quite awesome.

The one point I saw in many DA:I reviews was that its a “single player MMO.”  The game has different zones that you slowly unlock based on larger strategic points.  Each zone then has various quest hubs, and does include a couple “Kill X spiders and return to me” style of quests.  While this facet may be off-putting to some, I have actually really enjoyed it.  When I was deep into WoW (the early WoLK to Cata era), I ended up playing solo for a sizable chunk of my young Draenei Shaman’s career.  Having a similar experience, that is obviously more catered toward the single player experience, is something that draws me to the game.

Dragon Age Mage

Had to go with the eye tattoo

Dragon Age Portal

That doesn’t look good

Normally in fantasy RPGs, I tend to go with the heavily armed and armored warrior type characters.  I decided I’d change the way I play for this go around and have settled on a Mage.  So far I have enjoyed the change of pace, as being able to sit in the back while the tanks hold down up front makes managing the main character a little easier.  I also appreciate how they maintained the pause-play-pause style of combat, alongside the more action-y style, so you can play how you want to.

I had not played much of the original Dragon Age and none of Dragon Age 2 before Inquisition, so I had to reference YouTube and Wikipedia to try and get caught up on exactly what happened.  I think I have a handle on whats going on so far, and I did not make any changes to the stock decisions in Dragon Age Keep.

Persona 4 has been everything I kept hearing about the game.  When I first heard the premise (Japanese high schoolers that use Pokemon-esque creatures to fight combined with a social simulator), I was not sure I would get into it.  However, it masterfully keeps you engaged in its interesting story, characters, and gameplay.  Finding new personas in dungeons or through fusing keeps me on the lookout.  The social aspect, which I thought I would really dislike, has actually been the best part so far.  At first, I thought I needed to make every club meeting, and get to work on time every week. Once I discovered there was no penalty for doing so, I was able to balance my social links.

P4G Kanji

Persona is certainly unique

The music has been another surprise plus factor for me.  When I played the game originally (I played when I first purchased it for around 4 hours), I played while listening to an iPod.  This time, I am really liking the soundtrack and the voice acting adds more personality to each of the characters.  During the social link missions (side quests that involve hanging out or interacting with your companions to build up skills) also help flesh out the characters backgrounds and push their endearing qualities.

All in all, I’m glad that I’ve been able to play both games so far.  Even though both are long RPGs, they are each distinct enough that I don’t get burned out.  I’m looking forward to finishing them so I can write proper full reviews.  Until then, what have been YOUR experiences with both games? How do YOU manage to balance playing games simultaneously?  Comment below!

9 thoughts on “Rolling Review Update: Dragon Age: Inquisition and Persona 4 Golden

  1. The enduring popularity of Persona 4 has always amused me. That game came out back in 2008, but I feel like I’m always hearing about new people getting into it. Japanese RPGs have declined pretty harshly in the number that get released, but it certainly hasn’t been due to a lack of demand for these type of games.


  2. Dragon Age Inquisition is sooo damn good. I have a lot of time into it on my xbox one, and it’s been my favorite of the series so far. I’m a big Dragon Age nerd though, I read the books and the comics – I just love that universe and the lore goes so deep. If you ever do get a chance to dive into the other games, I highly recommend them both. I will vehemently defend Dragon Age 2, it was poorly received unfortunately but I had a blast with it.


    • I had started the first Dragon Age in anticipation of Inquisition but then couldn’t help but start it when I got it. I definitely plan on going back and finishing it though. From what I’ve played so far, it seems that playing DA2 would have been more helpful story wise for Inquisition

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      • the story goes pretty deep. the terminology alone could probably be enough to confuse someone new to the DA universe, but all in all they did an okay job making it accessible to new players. I had a really hard time getting through Origins when I picked it up at launch, but the story had me hooked. I eventually *bowing my head in shame lol* cranked it down to casual and blew through it, and then I was able to go back after I had grasped what was going on and how it worked. American RPG’s were strange to me back then and on top of all that I was working thee worst job of all time, but I was determined to finish it. Each game sets up a tiny bit of plot for the next one, but the fact that you never play as the same character makes it a little easier to dive into I’d imagine, but the characters in Inquisition were all near and dear to me after the events of DA2 if that makes any sense. I’m happy to hear that you’re interested in going back though, I love Dragon Age to death, I’m already anxious for the next installment haha 🙂


      • Its not bad. I’m only 4hrs into it and it has some interesting gameplay. I’m enjoying it a little more then I expected but to be honest though a JRPG hasn’t captivated me probably since the PS1 era and maybe a few in the PS2 era. They all feel very “samey” to me anymore so I feel like I have a very hard time investing in them.


  3. I find it impossible to focus on more than one game at a time. Back when I first got a Vita for example I couldn’t put Persona 4 down so all the other games I got with the handheld had to wait until I finished the story.

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