Beating the Backlog

Humble BundleIt’s been talked about to death, but with all the Humble Bundles, Steam sales, and now PSN and Live sales, the dreaded backlog is filling up faster than ever.  I updated my backlog/currently playing page with the games I am prioritizing.  Its tough to pick what to play when I still have some classics that I have not touched.  Should I continue my Witcher 2 save into Witcher 3 or should I explore the excitement of the Mass Effect series?

Given my PC collection is definitely the largest, and mostly concentrated on my Steam account, I used the handy utility HowLongToBeatSteam to discover that if I started playing constantly right now, it would only take 10 months, 3 days and 23 hours to beat my entire Steam library.  That number matches closely to my HowLongToBeat estimate of 124 Days 22 Hours.  Guess I better get started.

When you are a fan of RPGs and strategy games, the backlog can grow quite fast.  What are your thoughts about beating the backlog?  What strategy, if any, do you use to manage any anxiety for wading through all the good choices?

7 thoughts on “Beating the Backlog

  1. This is a nice problem isn’t it? The way I’ve found to get through the backlog is a few ways. First, I try and make time for it. I let some shows stack up on the DVR for a little bit so I can game, then I get through em in like a day or two lol then I get back to gaming.

    2. I play a lot of demos and do research as much as I can if I’m not sure something is worth it. I just finished playing the Dying Light demo on ps4 and was absolutely blown away. I knew it was received well, but holy shit. I’m going to spend a lot of time with that game….someday. 😀

    3. Lastly I try and look for ways to hack my own life. I.E lately it’s been very humid at night where I live. For a while I was very pissed because I couldn’t sleep. I would try and clean out the DVR, put on some relaxing stuff and drift to sleep. Didn’t work! So I thought to myself, hey if I’m up anyway, why not game? The DS4 makes this easy with an in-line audio jack so I can slap on my headphones and not disturb anyone. I’ve been making great progress!

    But ultimately, it’s tough. If you want to be a responsible adult that takes care of yourself and make a little time for friends and family you have to be stern with people. For me it’s easy (sometimes), because I understand I’m an introvert that needs time to myself. When I notice the balance is out of whack, I turn people down so I can get some me time. Sorry for the long post, but the backlog is a tough thing! How to get through it is different for everyone, but hopefully there is some stuff that you can relate to here. Great post dude!

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    • These are solid ideas and points. I had actually forgotten about demos-thats a great idea! I know Steam has some available and I had completely forgotten about PS4, will definitely be adding that as a way to try out some newer titles.

      And you are right about carving out a time for yourself. I actually plan on doing that a bit this weekend. Hopefully be able to just relax and get caught up on games (and sleep).

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      • Thanks! Yeah I think demos are making a bit of a comeback. I still have the Tearaway unfolded and uncharted demos sitting on my ps4, they have a bunch if them. I love how Dying Light handled it’s demo, it was just the full game with an hour time limit and some minor restrictions. Have a great weekend!


  2. My personal backlog is immense and stretches back to the PS2. I have titles that I was so anxious for and they’re still sitting shrink wrapped on the shelf :/ One of the downsides of being a reviewer is that you rarely get the time to delve into a game of your own volition, I bought The Witcher 3 5 months ago and still haven’t even put it in my console; if you ever discover the secret to getting through them all, let us know 😉

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    • It’s impossible haha. It’s like finding the meaning of life or something, I am sure there is a way to do it, but I think you pretty much have to be single, unemployed, live in a cave, have no real life responsibilities, no social obligations ever, and a lot of caffeine. Please please please…please. play The Witcher 3, it’s such a good game. I’ve dumped so many hours into it and I’ll probably never finish it; anytime soon anyway…but it’s just so good. In fact I’m making a date with myself to play that game tonight haha, it’s been a while. The best thing about having a backlog is that we’ll never get bored at least! 🙂

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  3. Great post! I am actually going through the same thing myself. If you’d have found me at age 12 and said “when you grow up you’ll have no bedtime whatsoever, a pretty girl living in your house, 2 big fluffy pets, and WAY TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES TO PLAY”…my childhood would have been much less stressful hah. (As long as you didn’t mention bills and rent.) I feel like such a brat, but I think we’re entitled to want our money’s worth out of the games we pay for, are we not?! Tomorrow I am going to boot up Broforce and play a little of it – rinse and repeat with other titles I’ve yet to even install and keep track. There are quite a few really long games in my library, and it’s a bit daunting, but I’d feel better if I actually knew that my money went to something good I suppose. I went and did HLTBS and I got 129 Days 2 Hours haha ugh. Jeez. Anyway, sorry to ramble on, just wanted to say thanks and cheers! Let me know how your backlog quest is going! 🙂

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  4. My backlog just distresses me. There’s no way I’m going to play all of it, and some of it I’m just not interested in anymore. Humble and Steam are the biggest culprits, by far. There are a lot of games in my Steam library that I had no desire ever to play, but they were in a Humble Weekly Bundle or something with a game I wanted, and it was cheaper to buy the bundle than just the game by itself. So I’m constantly looking through my Steam games befuddled by some of the stuff in there.

    Also, my strategy now has shifted more to containment, not letting it grow any bigger. So I only buy games that I have an immediate desire to play, as opposed to the “I can save this for a rainy day” mentality I had when I first built my PC.

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