Hello, and welcome to Particlebit.  I’ve been a longtime lurker on various gaming-related blogs here on WordPress and decided to finally take the plunge.  I wanted to take this post and try to map out where I hope to take the blog.  First, this blog will focus on gaming.  That means reviews, playthroughs, and screenshots, but will also include information about eSports.  Specifically, I follow the Starcraft II and Hearthstone professional scenes.  In addition, I may also add some thoughts and opinions on movies and music (subjects on which I previously had devoted blogs).  I mostly enjoy punk/metal so most people don’t have much interest.

My goal for the blog is to promote discussion and interblog contact.  I like to talk about strategy or gameplay about the games I play or plan on playing.  In addition, I hope that starting this blog will incentivize me to chew through some of my backlog.  As many of us have experienced, Steam sales and Humble Bundles have left me with a deluge of games to play; not to mention I have two brothers with interest in gaming to further the total library to tap into.

I am also very interested in the process of building a blog and an audience.  I am not seeking to monetize and amass clicks, my real focus is getting a reader case with which to interact.  I plan to start a semi-regular Twitch stream (all social media accounts are forthcoming) to build some interaction.  If you are able to provide any tips or help in any way on how to build the blog up, I would appreciate the help!  Additionally, I hope to migrate to self-hosting if I find some success and can devote enough time to make the transition (real life always gets in the way).

So with that introduction, I am actually traveling the next few days so you know what that means: 3DS and Vita.  I have started but not finished Persona 4, so its looking like a good candidate.  However, Bravely Default is also calling my name.  This is why I just can’t finish some games.  I’ve also been working on Final Fantasy Tactics and Mass Effect 2.  I gotta start somewhere I suppose.

So please comment, email, or ask away about anything.



5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. If you play your cards right, those Steam sales can result in quite the daunting backlog!

    One trick I’ve learned on this site is how to create makeshift spoiler tags. All you have to do is begin and end the spoiler with two vertical bars |like this| and make the enclosed text the same color as the background. That way, the text is only visible by highlighting it.

    It’s cool that you’re playing Persona 4. That’s easily one of the best games of the 2000s. Similarly, Bravely Default is one of the best JRPGs of this decade. I’m sure you’ll like that game when you get around to playing it.

    Also, I have to say that I too enjoy punk rock and heavy metal. For instance, Damaged by Black Flag is one of my favorite albums. Then again, I like all kinds of music; it’s hardly limited to those two genres.

    It will be interesting to see the direction you take this blog.


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